7 Best Starting Locations In Dwarf Fortress


May 23, 2023 ,

This is where you should start in Dwarf Fortress.

Every choice counts in Dwarf Fortress. Your often-dysfunctional dwarves aren’t promised to live, so taking steps to make sure they are as healthy as possible will make it less likely that they will die unexpectedly. Before you start, one of the most important things to do is pick a good place to build your castle. Your surroundings is a big part of what helps or hurts you.

Setting up home in a haunted biome full of zombies is definitely not the best plan. Because of this, knowing what makes a good place to start will give you more chances to stay alive and do well. Even though it might be fun to lose, you should at least try.

Forested Area

Even though they like things from the ground, dwarves need trees just as much as they need rocks. Wood is important for making early tools and beds. Dwarves will always be unhappy if they have to sleep on the cold floor, and coal is a very important source of fuel. Wood is also needed to make water wheels and windmills, which are important renewable energy sources.

Fortresses can be built in both open areas and areas with a lot of trees. At the very least, you should think about a place that has at least a few places with trees.Even if the elves don’t want you to touch their valuable trees, dwarves have never cared much about what their pointy-eared foes think.

Ideal Climate

Temperature changes everything a dwarf does. Water will escape from hot or scorching places, fat will melt, and living things will be in danger. Problems happen in cold or freezing places for the opposite reasons. With that in mind, the best place to start is somewhere that is “warm.” Water will never freeze or dry up, so you can use this important liquid resource at any time of year.

Also, if you live in a warm place, you won’t have to worry about your dwarfs getting sick because of the weather. It’s important to remember that pools of water can still run out, so it’s helpful to keep track of all your water sources.

Calm Surroundings

If you had to choose between a quiet forest, a swamp full of zombies, and a wild place right out of King Kong, your choice would probably be clear. The best way to make sure your fortress gets off to a good start is to build it in a Calm or Serene setting. These biomes are both neutral and good, which means that most of the critters there are harmless and the environment is nice.

You shouldn’t try to start in more dangerous places until you know how to play Dwarf Fortress game well. Evil biomes will feel like fighting zombies (or worse), and Savage biomes will be like trying to stay alive in Jurassic Park. Do your poor dwarves a favour and move them to a better place to live.

Farmable Soil

Farming is an important part of making food and drink. So, the land you use to grow crops needs to be able to support your farming. It is still possible to grow plants like mushrooms underground, but it is best to have access to both surface and underground plants. Large communities can’t live off of hunting and gathering alone, so it’s important to have a farm that can last for a long time.

Setting up home in a hot desert or a cold tundra will not give you the dirt you need to grow crops. The fields or, even better, a forest would be the best place to live. If you take care of your plants well, you’ll have plants coming out of your ears in no time.

Look For Varied Geology

Dwarves love rocks, and for good reason. You will be rich if you have access to a wide range of ores and gems. You should always choose a place where you can get different kinds of metal. Metals that are shallow and deep, as well as flux stones, are all very useful materials. Steel is one of the most useful metals in Drive Mad game, and you need flux stone in order to make it.

With a steady flow of flux, weapons and armour made of steel will pour out of your castle. Obviously, this will do a lot to make your troops a real force to be reckoned with. If you have a lot of metals, you can also make a lot of goods and hobbies.

Avoid Aquifers

Aquifers are hard to deal with from a logistics point of view. They are large sources of water that are buried deep in the ground. If you find one by chance, your whole fortress could flood. The only way to stop this from happening is to carefully plug any holes that appear as you dig around it. If you are a new player, you should stay away from places with springs like the plague.

Even more experienced players often pick places without aquifers so they don’t have to deal with the hassle of managing them. Aquifers are not worth the trouble unless you have a plan.

Has A River

Rivers are very useful for any kind of fort. Rivers will always have water, so you can use them to their fullest potential. They also have fish that can be caught and eaten. If those advantages aren’t enough for you, one of the best things about rivers is that they can be used to make power.

If you put a water wheel in a moving stream, the constant motion can be used to power pumps and mills. Mills are especially important for grinding up plants to make things like sugar, flour, and colour. The way of the future is to use clean energy.

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