8 Best Bachelors In Sun Haven, Ranked


May 23, 2023 ,

Here are the top bachelors in Sun Haven!

When looking at each bachelor in Sun Haven, it’s important to understand that these rankings are subjective and that different people will like different people. As a result, each male candidate will be ranked from worst to best based on a particular situation and a set of criteria.

For the sake of making your character, let’s say you’re a farmer who works hard and wants to save Sun Haven. The last thing you want in life is a partner who doesn’t treat you with care and doesn’t work as hard as you do. You want to make tomorrow better than today, and you also want to help other people do well.


Claude cares a lot about his work and loves music, which is clear. He is a genius who really shines when he gets a spark of inspiration, but he stays pretty far away from the town and doesn’t talk to the people there very often.

Keeping to yourself is fine, but it’s hard to help the community as a whole if you don’t talk to other people very often. Even though he lives in Sun Haven, he talks about going to a place with more snow in one conversation.

Even though Claude is nice, he doesn’t meet any of the requirements.


Darius, the Demon Prince of Withergate, cares a lot about his town and the people who live there, as long as they respect him. Your first time meeting him won’t be great, though, and first impressions can be very important.

The Demon Prince gets off to a bad start when he tries to kick you out of Withergate and talks to you like you’re trash. All of that just because you are from Sun Haven.

Even though Darius wants to make a good place for his people, he is a jerk. Even worse, you can’t hope to build a better future if you hate and resent other places so much.

You hate people from other towns so much that they have to make you happy before you can even think that it might be good to be nice to people from other places.


Vaan is fun to hang out with and talk to. He’s interesting and can be nice if you choose the right things to say. It’s clear that he loves nature, and he works hard to become a great mage with the help of Nivara, the World Dragon.

You can tell from his letters that he cares about you and likes to see you happy. Vaan, unlike some other people in Nel’vari, will meet you with joy and a joke.

Vaan doesn’t go much further than that, though. He cares about you, but he doesn’t really care about Sun Haven or Nel’vari. Vaan is clearly interested in and worries about Sun Haven, but he doesn’t feel like he belongs to any group.

Even though he is very nice, this means that he probably won’t care as much about each town as you do.


Liam is a kind and gentle person who works hard to make sure his little sisters have a good life. He does everything he can to make sure they are happy and healthy, even if it means putting his own health at risk.

It’s great that he works hard to support his family, but he needs to learn to put himself first, even for a short time. Taking breaks can be good for you, but it doesn’t look like Liam has ever run with that idea.

He is kind to the player and the other people in Sun Haven, but if you steal from his wheat farm or blueberry tree, he won’t hesitate to call the guard on you.

He cares less about the town than he does about his sisters.He is still ready to help you beat Weedil, though.


Donovan is kind and helpful, and he helps you even when Darius tries to kick you out of town. He cares about everyone and does what he can to help.

But he’s a bit of a free spirit who doesn’t plan too far ahead and prefers to live in the present. Donovan loves to go on adventures, so it might be hard to keep him in one place, like Sun Haven.

Even though he would make a lot of people happy, it’s not clear how committed he would be to making the community better. Yet, his happiness and friendliness with everyone, no matter where they come from, is a surefire way to make bonds.


The town doctor is Wornhardt. The sign on the doctor’s office says that he is so committed to his job that if you are sick and need help right away, you can go to his house and he will take care of you.

Wornhardt has made mistakes in the past, but he has learned from them and is now determined to get better and help people. Even so, he doesn’t like having too much to do and would rather Sun Haven stay quiet than become busy.

Wornhardt doesn’t really care about Sun Haven, though. Wornhardt says in some of the first things he says that he wouldn’t stay in Sun Haven if he wasn’t happy there.

It’s great that he’s helping the town, but if things got really bad, there’s a good chance Wornhardt would leave.


Nathaniel is the Captain of the guard at Funny Shooter 2. What more can you say? His sense of duty and his desire to make Sun Haven a better, safer place are both noble.

Nathaniel really cares about everyone in the Sun Haven guard. In one of his letters to the player, he even calls them a family. Even on his daily watch, he goes out of his way to help you beat Krusty.

Nathaniel is on watch even if no one else in the barracks is. He is always on watch, no matter what the weather is like. Nathaniel goes around the town at the same time every night from dusk until dawn.

He does work hard and care about his work, but not on your farm. Another bad thing is that he is always on watch, so you probably won’t get to spend much time with him.


Jun is kind and easygoing. He helps all the people in the town feel better and gives them advice. During the day, he teaches all the kids at the library.

Jun may look sad, but he can give the player a quest to put flowers around town to try to make everyone feel better throughout the day. He likes to help people in both big and small ways. And he wants Sun Haven to be a happy place for everyone in the long run.

He works hard every day to help people be successful now and in the future. He treats everyone with respect and is ready to work just as hard as you are. In the situation given, Jun is without a doubt the best bachelor candidate in the game.

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