99math: a quiz game to test your math skill:


Jun 26, 2023

What is 99math?

99math is an online learning platform for the children to boost-up their math concepts. In 2018, 99math was founded by Timo Timmi and his mentor Tonis Kusmin the CEO of 99math. 99math is a quiz game for the students through which they can test their math skill and can view their progress at the end of the round. At 99math teachers are allowed to run online classes where students compete against each other and against themselves. 

Is 99math free of cost?

99math is free of cost online game for the students to boost-up their math skill and to improve their math concepts just by playing games. 

How to play 99math?

You can play 99math at your devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets and computers having browser. Students can play 99math anywhere and anytime using their devices. It is a quiz game to increase students’ interest towards the game. 

What grade is 99math for?

99Math is for the students of grade 1st – 8th. But it can be played by students of any age who wanted to improve their math concept.  

What is the purpose of 99math?

99math is a game show platform for the students to modify their math skills. It is an interesting way to improve math concepts of a kid. 

What are the features of 99math?

The major features of 99math are;

  • 99math encourages students to compete against each other and against themselves and to gain knowledge. 
  • 99math offers a fun learning experience. 
  • 99math allow students to solve math problems in a fun way. 
  • Students can see their progress at the end of the rounds. 
  • It allows students to learn math without getting bored. 

What are the Merits of 99math?

Some of the major advantages of 99math are;

  • It allows students to compete against each other and students can view their results at the end of each round.
  • It is easy to use.
  • 99math is a free of cost online app for students to improve their math concept.
  • Students learn math without getting bored.  

Is my information secure in 99math?

99math offers you full security as none of your information can be leaked through 99math. No third person is allowed to view your information by using 99math. 

Can I participate as a solo player in 99math?

You can participate as a solo player in 99math to improve your math skills. It is an interesting way to learn math and to improve math concept. 

What types of questions are available in 99math?

99math allows you the basic math questions; equations, perimeters and areas, fraction conversion, etc. also tells its uses in our daily life. These questions are asked as quiz game to attract students towards it. 

Is 99math better platform to improve math concepts?

99math is the best platform for school going students to improve their math concepts. Students enjoy doing math and this is also beneficial for them to gain more and more knowledge about mathematics. 

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