Benefits Of Security+ Certification Training


May 18, 2023

Getting one of its numerous recognised credentials is one of the quickest methods to learn cybersecurity skills and obtain expertise. Which brings up an essential point: What certification is best for those just starting their careers?

One of the finest options for workers wishing to change the direction of their career in information security is CompTIA Security+ training. Since it “provides the basic knowledge required for any role in cybersecurity and is a stepping stone to cybersecurity work,” the CompTIA states that this is the first security certification an IT professional must get in order to work in this highly sought-after industry. To make sure candidates have practical skills in resolving security issues, Security+ covers hands-on troubleshooting best practices

Here are some crucial details concerning this certificate that you should be aware of..

What is Security+ Certificate?

A globally recognised information security certification, CompTIA Security+, is vendor-neutral. It validates the fundamental expertise needed to fulfil DoD 8570 standards for basic security operations and a career in IT security.

As Security+ focuses on practical skills and guarantees that certificate holders are better able to tackle problems on a wide variety of topics, this is a fantastic option for entry-level workers.

In order to maintain high workplace productivity, the subjects covered in this certificate are based on the most recent trends and methods in risk assessment and management, incident response, forensics, enterprise networking, hybrid/cloud operations, and security controls. The Junior IT Auditor / Penetration Examiner function and the prior roles of system administrator, network administrator, and security administrator are all included in the most recent upgrade of the Security+ certificate.

How to get a Security+ certificate?

On November 12, 2020, the new CompTIA Security+  SY0-601 test will be accessible. In order to pass, candidates must show that they possess the knowledge and abilities required to:

  • Evaluation of the company’s environmental security posture, together with the recommendation and implementation of suitable security measures.
  • IoT, mobile devices, and cloud environments are all under constant observation and protection.
  • Work while keeping informed of all applicable laws and rules, particularly those relating to compliance, risk, and governance.
  • Security issues and occurrences are identified, examined, and handled. 

The goal of the test and the weight % assigned to it are as follows:

  • Attacks, threats and vulnerabilities (24%)
  • Architecture and design (21%)
  • Implementation (25%)
  • Operation and accident response (16%)
  • Management, risk and Compliance (14%)

90 multiple-choice questions on the Security+ test, which costs $370, must be answered in 90 minutes. On a scale from 100 to 900, applicants must have a minimum score of 750.

Are there any requirements for this certification?

Good news: Security+ is an entry-level certificate. The following prerequisites are advised for the SY0-601 test, although they are not necessary: CompTIA+ networking and two years of security-focused IT administration experience. But certification calls for the applicant’s abilities to be verified, as well as a fundamental comprehension of network and host-based security best practises.

IT security experts with: are the target audience for the CompTIA Security+ certification.

  • sufficient IT security knowledge
  • knowledge of technical information security basics
  • a thorough understanding of security and enforcement problems, including the subjects included in the domain list.

Why choose Security+?

Information security professionals must be qualified and have documented experience, even for entry-level roles. A single error by any member of the security team might result in a significant loss of revenue or even a loss of reputation. After all, protecting an organisation from cybersecurity threats is a major duty.

A significant professional move is picking your first information security certificate. Although there are various paths to professional cybersecurity, it won’t happen overnight. Each stage must be carefully planned and built around short-, medium-, and long-term objectives. Certificates need to represent more than simply the social media alphabet soup that follows your name. The selected certificate should provide a path for acquiring useful skills and knowledge, especially for professionals just beginning their careers in cybersecurity.

The SY0-601 test is a good fit for many desired professional and career characteristics, including a strong entry-level certification that is widely regarded in the industry. It may assist someone in standing out from the crowd and showcasing a certain calibre of expertise. Investing in this reference is worthwhile for this reason alone.

The emphasis on practical knowledge in this test is one of the key elements. Giving applicants the knowledge and abilities required for jobs like systems administrator, security administrator, IT auditor, IT project manager, network/cloud engineer, DevOps/software developer, help desk manager/analyst, and security engineer/analyst, as an illustration.

Another significant truth is that Security+ consistently appears in job descriptions on websites like Hired, Monster, and LinkedIn Jobs as one of the most wanted certifications.

CompTIA Security+ Certification: Benefits

For IT security experts who are relatively new to the sector or have never taken a security certification test before, this credential is excellent. If you wish to go from a connected area to cybersecurity, this is also helpful. It is advised that you obtain your first security certificate since it gives you the fundamental knowledge and abilities needed for all cybersecurity jobs and can help you advance to intermediate cybersecurity roles. The advantages given below will guide you in choosing to obtain this CompTIA Certificate if you are thinking about doing so.

Vendor-neutral certification

Because the certification is vendor-neutral, you don’t have to concentrate on the technology and security of the ideal provider. You may include typical cybersecurity components in this fashion. Security specialists and network administrators are in great demand in the IT industry because of the extensive skills and knowledge they have obtained through certification. You may use this to look for a variety of choices in this region.

Assumptions and experience required

Little experience is anticipated because this credential is entry-level. Since this is one of the primary advantages of certification, many people entering the security field go for the CompTIA Security+ credential in order to dramatically improve their job chances. This certificate has no prerequisites, in contrast to other cybersecurity certifications. To improve their capacity to take the exam and retire on time, it is advised that only professionals with at least two years of professional experience in networking and security take the certification exam.

Globally recognized certificate

One of the most significant security credentials in cybersecurity is the CompTIA Security+ certification, which is acknowledged on a global scale. The Security+ Certificate issued by CompTIA (Computer Industry Association), which is also ANSI-approved, is designed to show that a person is employing the knowledge, abilities, and procedures necessary to adhere to ISO 17024.

High career opportunities

Both governmental and commercial sector organisations are looking for cybersecurity specialists. You have the benefit of managing network security and administrative responsibilities if you hold a CompTIA Security+ certification. You may execute a variety of activities with a variety of services with this certificate, including compliance and operational security, cryptography, threats and vulnerabilities, data and host protection, access control, identity management, and application management.

Higher salary bracket

Professionals in security are likely to earn more money than their non-certified competitors. As a network engineer with this certification on your CV, you can anticipate earning a typical income of between $42,130 and $95,830. It should be emphasised that other criteria, such as your degree of expertise and credentials, will affect how much you make. In just a few years, a CompTIA Security + Certified Professional might earn around $66,890 annually.

Opportunity to take government jobs: 

Obtaining the CompTIA Security + Certificate is a wonderful place to start if you’re seeking for cybersecurity or networking at a government organisation. The certificate complies with DoD 8570 requirements. This is regarded as a compliance standard used to list the numerous criteria that contractors and government employees need at different levels of IT work. Both technical and executive-level roles call for certification that satisfies the DoD 8570 compliance requirement.

Opportunity to learn and grow

Learn about the goal and subject matter of the test before you may receive a certificate. You must take the exam after thorough preparation. You will pick up a lot of knowledge about cybersecurity while you study for the test. Additionally, you will learn and develop abilities that will help you become a top security expert. Because of this, hiring managers constantly pay attention to qualified individuals who possess this CompTIA credential. Having a certification demonstrates your expertise and competence in your field.

Ability to work anywhere in the world

The fact that CompTIA Security+ certifications are respected, trusted, and accepted all across the world is a significant benefit. This credential could help you get a job anywhere you choose. Security+ allows you to work in the US if you wish to. He can serve as an icebreaker for any position in a government agency, for instance, as he is recognised by the US Department of Defence. This Security+ credential is crucial for you if you want to work as a network cybersecurity professional.

Security+, which has achieved ISO/ANSI certification status, is best for building the skills necessary for cybersecurity employment. Despite the difficulties, any candidate may be successful with the correct preparation. It covers all the fundamentals needed to earn your first certificate, Security+.

Wrapping up: 

The need for security analysts is high. There is enough to do! Salary potential in this sector is considerable for people with the necessary qualifications. Information security professionals, however, also need to be qualified for entry-level jobs and have a high degree of experience. It is necessary to develop a solid knowledge base and practical abilities suited for the position. There is no question that the Security+ certification offered by Sprintzeal has considerable benefits and is a wise decision for any professional. Certifications may assist discover crucial themes and the information needed to flourish in your chosen area.

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