Best Weapons To Break Rocks And Ore In Tears Of The Kingdom


Check out these great mixed weapons if you want to find the best way to break rocks and ore in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there are many weapons that do a lot of damage, but the best ones for breaking rocks and ores are blunt, heavy weapons that are thrown. You can easily find these weapons and make them by fusing two guns together.

When it comes to breaking rocks, it doesn’t matter how much damage a weapon can do on its own. Instead, hard weapons work better than weapons that can do more damage on their own. Rocks can be broken with weapons like the Master Sword and the Royal Guards Bow, but that makes them less durable. They are better at fighting tough enemies than they are at breaking rocks.

Fused Shield And Sword

You don’t need a sharp tool to break a rock or piece of ore, but some can. Using these weapons would just destroy them, but a heavy blunt weapon would do the job. By putting together a sword and a shield, Link will get a heavier but stronger tool that can break rocks.

When breaking rocks, it doesn’t matter how much damage a weapon can do on its own. Even the Royal Guards Bow is no match for a shield and sword that have been joined together. Using an old, rusty sword and a shield is just as good as fusing the Master Sword with any shield.

Talus Stone Heart

Link gets Talus’ stone heart after he kills the stone monster. The stone heart is strong and sharp enough to break rocks and ores. Players can’t pick up Talus’ stone heart. To make a swinging weapon out of it, they would have to combine it with a spear or a tree.

When you combine the heart with another weapon, it does more damage to enemies, and it is a good tool to use against skeletal Bokoblins. Players who want the weapon quickly can go to the Crenel Hill Cave and find the first Stone Talus they are likely to face.

Bomb Flowers

The bomb flowers are a strong and dangerous tool that can do a lot of damage. It can blast through foes and barriers as well as rocks and ores. It works very well when combined with a tool that shoots something, like an arrow or a spear.

The Bomb Flowers will do more damage the stronger the base weapon is. Link’s health isn’t hurt by the explosion of the Bomb Flowers because he can shoot this weapon from a safe distance. Bomb Flowers can be found in holes and wells all over Basket Random game.

Zonai Time Bombs

The Zonai Time Bomb is a new weapon in The Legend of Zelda game series. It is one of many weapons that players can use. It is a very powerful tool that can do a lot more damage than just break rocks and ores. Near the point of impact, it can also turn on other Zonai devices.

You can use a sword, an arrow, or any other tool to turn it on, and it will start flashing light faster and faster until it explodes. This tool can be found in different places in the game, and players can get the Time Bomb from certain devices.

Boulder Hammer

The boulder hammer is the easiest tool to make and find in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It can be used to break rocks. It can also be used to attack enemies, but its longevity is low, so players can only use it a few times to hit enemies or rocks.

This weapon can be made by combining a two-handed weapon with a rock. The two-handed weapon could be a well-balanced tree. A rusty claymore and a rock can also be combined to make a very powerful boulder hammer. In hilly parts of the game, it’s easy to find big rocks.

Giant Spike Balls

The Spiked Iron-Ball hammer is a very strong tool that does a lot of damage to enemies and can easily break rocks and ores. This weapon can be made by combining a weapon or a branch of a tree with an iron ball spike.

Spiked Iron-Ball hammers are very strong, so players can use them to break up a lot of rocks before they break. Due to its size, the weapon is heavy, so players will have to time their hits well. This tool is useful and effective against enemies and rocks because it can hurt them.

Zonai Cannons

There are a lot of Zonai items to use in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and the Zonai Canon is one of the best. Zonai Canons are strong weapons that can shoot explosive shots that can easily destroy hordes of enemies and break rocks and ores apart.

The Zonai Canon can be combined with spears or swords. So that players can shoot at monsters, barriers, rocks, and ores. Link can use the cannons to blow away foes from a safe distance when he fuses them with other weapons.

The Nintendo Switch is the only way to play The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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