Bottle Neckers: The Versatile Marketing Tool You Need


May 10, 2023
Bottle Neckers

Marketing is all about creating a connection with potential customers, and there are many different ways to do that. However, in a crowded marketplace, it can be challenging to make your brand stand out. This is where bottle neckers come in. They’re a versatile marketing tool that can help you create a unique and memorable brand experience for your customers. In this article, we’ll explore what custom bottle neckers are, how they work, and why they’re the versatile marketing tool you need.

What are Custom bottle neckers?

Custom bottle neckers are marketing materials that are designed to fit around the neck of a bottle. They’re typically made from paper or cardstock, and they can be customized with your brand’s logo, messaging, and other promotional elements. Bottle neckers come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can create a design that’s tailored to your brand’s unique needs.

How do Custom bottle neckers work?

Bottle neckers work by catching the eye of potential customers and drawing attention to your brand. When someone sees a bottle with a custom necker, they’re more likely to pick it up and examine it. This gives you an opportunity to make a connection with them through your brand’s messaging and promotional elements. Custom bottle can be used to promote a specific product, advertise a promotion or event, or simply raise awareness of your brand.

Why are custom bottle neckers important for marketing?

Custom bottle neckers are important for marketing because they offer a unique way to connect with potential customers. In a world where we’re constantly bombarded with advertisements, it can be difficult to make your brand stand out. Custom neckers offer a creative and eye-catching way to promote your brand and get noticed. They’re also a cost-effective marketing tool, as they’re relatively inexpensive to produce and can be distributed to a wide audience.

How can you use custom bottle neckers to promote your brand?

There are many different ways to use custom bottle neckers to promote your brand. Here are a few ideas:

Promote a specific product: Create a custom necker that highlights the features and benefits of a specific product, and use it to draw attention to that product on store shelves.

Advertise a promotion or event: Use a custom necker to advertise a limited-time promotion or upcoming event.

Build brand awareness: Create a custom necker that showcases your brand’s logo and messaging, and use it to raise awareness of your brand among potential customers.

Cross-promote other products: If you have multiple products, create custom neckers that promote other products in your line.

Tips for designing effective custom bottle neckers 

Choose the right size and shape: Consider the size and shape of the bottle you’ll be using the neckers on, and design your neckers to fit accordingly.

Use high-quality images: If you’re including images on your neckers, make sure they’re high-quality and clear.

Be consistent with your branding: Make sure your neckers are consistent with your brand’s overall look and feel.

Consider the printing process: When designing your neckers, keep in mind the printing process that will be used. Certain colors and design elements may not translate well to certain printing methods.

Where to order custom bottle neckers

There are many companies that specialize in producing custom bottle neckers. Some popular options include UPrinting, StickerYou, and Avery. Before ordering, make sure to compare prices and read reviews to ensure you’re getting the best quality and value for your money.

How much do custom bottle neckers cost?

The cost of custom bottle neckers can vary depending on factors such as the quantity ordered, the size and complexity of the design, and the printing method used. In general, expect to pay anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars per necker. Some companies may offer discounts for larger orders.

How long does it take to produce custom bottle neckers?

The production time for custom bottle neckers can vary depending on the quantity ordered and the printing method used. In general, expect production times to range from a few days to a few weeks. Be sure to check with the company you’re ordering from to get an estimate of their production timeline.

Case studies: Successful custom bottle necker campaigns

Here are a few examples of successful custom bottle necker campaigns:

Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola used these to promote its “Share a Coke” campaign, which featured bottles with personalized names on them. The neckers helped draw attention to the campaign on store shelves and encouraged customers to purchase bottles with their own names on them.

Corona: Corona used this to promote its “Find Your Beach” campaign. Which encouraged customers to relax and unwind with a cold Corona on the beach. The neckers featured beach-inspired designs and messaging that reinforced the campaign’s theme.

Firestone Walker Brewing Company: Firestone Walker used these to promote its “Firestone Lager” beer. The neckers featured a simple, eye-catching design that highlighted the beer’s key features and helped it stand out on store shelves.


These are a versatile marketing tool that can help you create a unique and memorable brand experience for your customers. By designing eye-catching neckers that showcase your brand’s logo and messaging. You can draw attention to your products and promotions and build awareness of your brand. When designing your neckers, keep in mind the tips and best practices outlined in this article to ensure that they’re effective and impactful.

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