Cleaning Construction Sites is Important

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A neat and well-organized construction site is one that will be safe. For any construction project to be successful, a clean and organized environment is essential. You can take a few steps and precautions to make sure your construction site is safe for workers.

Six tips for cleaning up the job site

These 6 tips will help you to keep your work site neat and tidy.

1. Rent a Waste Container

Renting a roll-off dumpster is a common way to clean up a construction site. It helps to keep the area tidy. Consider the following when renting a container for your construction project:

  • Estimated Amount of Waste
  • Types of Waste
  • Project Duration
  • Location
  • Space for Dumpster

You and your team will be able to maintain a safe, workable and clean job site by using a roll-off dumpster both during and after a construction project. Keep it at the site for the duration of your project.

2. Sort out the Scraps

Businesses in the construction industry may be asked to recycle wood, metals, wood, concrete and other materials that were used during a project. To avoid dangerous situations, some wastes must be disposed in a specific way.

Sort the waste according to the instructions. Handling special materials and recycled material ahead of time will help ensure that they are handled correctly. It will prevent materials from being clumped together and improperly disposed.

Recycling Materials

The recycling regulations in your locality and your location will determine which materials you can recycle. Plant-life such as weeds and lumber can be composted and therefore are recyclable. Paper and cardboard are the most commonly recycled materials. These materials are very common in commercial businesses. Due to the composting process, recycling dumpsters are also useful for yardwork.

3. Clean-up As You Go – Housekeeping Makes A Safe Job Site

It is essential to keep the construction site safe and clean. Every day, housekeeping is essential to a safe construction site. It will help you and your crew avoid injury and potential destruction that could delay your project. Sorting waste materials and building materials into piles can prevent this.

  • Remove Wastes Frequently
  • Remove all Unused Equipment and Items
  • Dust Control
  • Clean and Return Machinery

A housekeeping schedule can make maintenance easier for the whole team. This resource can be used with your team. Check out the 5-Minute Housekeeping Solution for Construction from SFM.

4. Clear All Access Areas and Production Areas

Make sure that these piles of sorted materials are not near areas with heavy traffic, such as access points, walkways and productive areas.

5. Keep waste properly contained

Keep all waste contained to avoid hazards for you and your employees. Roll-off dumpsters are recommended. These dumpsters are strong and can hold large amounts of waste. Learn more about dumpster rental.

Close the project: How to clean a construction site

The last impression is revealed as your project ends. Performing a final cleanup during closeout is a smart move. It is important to pay attention to the last details, whether it’s a renovation project or a new construction. Check for debris, such as dust, materials and waste, tools or any other items that are out of place.

Create a list with closeout tasks to make the last cleaning task easier. Don’t forget to include any tasks that are specific to your project. Include vacuuming, sweeping or mopping. Remove stickers and clean windows.

When you start the project with good housekeeping practices, the cleanup will be easier and quicker at the end.

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Construction Dumpster Rental

Construction projects generate a lot of waste. It is particularly true when demolitions are required to complete a project. Our Top Quality Dumspter Rental Services in Tulsa can meet the needs of any construction project.

How to safely and efficiently remove waste and debris

Waste accumulation can exacerbate the hazards of construction projects. Our construction dumpster service ensures that all waste and debris from your project are safely removed. It can make a big difference in the efficiency of your project.

You and your team can easily implement the steps and precautions for cleaning a construction site.

We offer different dumpster options to suit your needs. It is important that when you plan a construction project you get the right dumpster for the job. For more information about our construction waste services, call at 918-205-2525 today or check out renting a dumpster service.

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