7 Expert Recommended Freshers Jobs in India After Graduation

Freshers jobs in India

Following graduation, one has two options: pursue higher education or start looking for jobs. There are numerous Freshers jobs in India, yet, which one to choose, why to choose, what career prospects it offers, the salary, and more. With so many job opportunities in India, selecting the best option to offer endless growth possibilities with tremendous career growth is important.

In this article, we will mention the highest-paying jobs in India for freshers if you have recently graduated and looking for lucrative career options. These jobs and positions are growing in demand and will offer you a promising career. So, let’s check out these options.

Expert Recommended Freshers jobs in India

Since after graduation, you may not possess all the necessary skill sets to find employment opportunities. It is always advisable to keep learning skills that interest you. Moreover, this will enrich your CV and help you land the Highest paying Jobs in India. So let’s check:

1. Software engineer

On the list of Freshers jobs in India is Software Engineer. There is an increasing demand for software engineering in India because of the development and growth in the IT industry. Freshers can apply for jobs in various companies such as Accenture, Wipro, Infosys, etc.

Freshers can begin as a novice and can continue becoming successful. Further, a software engineer should have analytical skills, good research skills, and experience in software building.

2. Data Analyst

Data analysis has become an important expertise in today’s business world. Many companies are hiring data analysts to gather raw data, organize them, and finally crack them to solve different problems.

Moreover, many companies in India for data analysts, like Capgemini, EXL Service, Tata Consultancy Services, and many more. Data analysts should have high mathematical ability, analytical and problem-solving skills, and logicality. Also, data analysis is among the best salary jobs in India.

3. Digital Marketer

Among the Freshers jobs in India is of a Digital Marketer. The roots of digital marketing are spreading widely in India and are providing various job opportunities for freshers. Companies need digital marketers to help them promote online marketing and reach their marketing targets.

Moreover, a lot of companies are offering job prospects for freshers. Digital marketers must know about SEO, social media, content marketing PPC, etc.

4. Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a necessary skill in the creative industry. Moreover, Graphic designers are in charge of creating visual content in images and videos. Company’s website, social media platform, and marketing engagement. Many companies in India provide job prospects for freshers in graphic design. Moreover, Graphic Designers need to know about colour, scale, space, texture, etc., to create attractive graphic designs.

5. Chartered Accountant

Undoubtedly, CA is one of the top highest-salary jobs in India in the non-tech field. Moreover, it is the top choice for all students with a commerce background. As a CA, you specialize in accounting, auditing, taxation, etc., and offer these services to your clients. Moreover, being a CA opens up opportunities in both private and government sectors. Hence, to become a CA, you must clear all the levels and complete the mandatory training.

6. Content Writer

In the digital marketing industry content writing is one of the important skills. For websites, social media and marketing promotion companies need content writer freshers. Companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Pepper Content, and Content Whale. Content writers need to have skills like communication, social media knowledge, editing etc.

7. HR Executive

In every company, Human Resource management is very essential. HR looks after the recruitment of employees, employee engagement and performance management procedures. In India companies hiring freshers for HR are Infosys, Wipro, Deloitte, KPMG etc. HR needs to have good communication, managing skills, team spirit and leadership qualities.

How To Get a Job In MNC For Freshers In India?

Generally, graduates can get jobs in MNCs via campus placements. So this is the case for engineering students. Yet, commerce and humanities students might not get ample opportunities after graduation. Hence, such students should consider taking up additional courses to become employable.

Commerce students can earn a CA, CMA, CS, Investment Banker, Stock Broker, etc., certification to get an opportunity to work for MNCs. Similarly, humanities students can opt for short-term mass media and communication courses or other related courses like digital marketing, web designing, etc. Afterwards, you can look for freshers’ Jobs Vacancies in India via job portals like LinkedIn.


With this, we end our list of freshers jobs in India, yet numerous such opportunities exist. At this present job market, the stream doesn’t matter. What matters is possessing the right skillset for your dream job. Hence, choose a profession wisely!

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