Genshin Impact is a PC game that you can play right now that combines role-playing with action and adventure. It’s an excellent role-playing game (RPG) from miHoYo Limited, including an open environment, a fantastic story, and thrilling combat. One of the most obvious reasons for the game’s popularity, though, is the wide variety of playable heroes you can call upon.

Gathering heroes and putting together the strongest possible squad is central to the gameplay. The difference between handily defeating adversaries and struggling to advance might often come down to the quality of your team. However, there is a huge selection of potential characters; which one should be used? In Genshin Impact, who are the most powerful summons you may call upon? The purpose of this essay is to serve as the definitive character guide in assisting you in answering that question.

The Character Tier List in Genshin Impact

The current character count in Genshin Impact is 23. As the game receives updates and new characters are added, that figure is only expected to rise. The problem is that you can only employ four of the 23 to complete your team. This means you’ll need to give some thought to which of the playable characters would make the best addition to your team.

Since the characters you choose to deploy will mostly depend on the circumstances, this procedure will vary from instance to case. Nonetheless, it would be helpful to learn which heroes are currently the most powerful. With them on your side, you’ll be able to take on and defeat much stronger foes. The members of your party should be divided among the three primary positions. Your team should consist of the protagonist, the main DPS, the secondary DPS, and the support. The current character tiers in Genshin Impact are listed below.

Genshin Impact PC


These are the best playable characters in Genshin Impact right now. Their combined strengths make them exceptionally useful in their current positions. They’re the ones you desire if you want a better shot at victory in combat. Ganyu, Diluc, Xiao, Tartaglia, and Klee are the best main damage dealers. They are the most lethal enemies in the game.

Mona, Xingqiu, Zhongli, and Albedo are your options for Secondary DPS. They can do decent damage as well, however it won’t compare to the main damage dealer. Bennet, Venti, and Diona are the best options for the Support position. With their talents, they play the best supporting role in the game. They are able to manage crowds, provide and remove benefits, and more. Because of his adaptability, Zhongli may serve as a Support as well.


The A-Listers are strong and effective in their roles, as well. They’re just one notch below the S-tier in difficulty. Keqing, Ningguang, and Razor are the ideal candidates for the Main Damage Dealer position. Xianling and Fischl are available to fill the secondary Damage Dealer job. The Support team consists of Jean, Qiqi, and Sucrose. Ganyu is a flexible character that can deal secondary damage and provide support. However, these are the only two parts for which she will be recognised an A-list performer.


Characters in the B-Tier are those that are good, but not without flaws. Likewise, they’ll have trouble in some fights but will serve you well otherwise. Beidou and Xinyan are both excellent choices for the pivotal damage dealer role. Use Chongyun and Kaeya as your secondary damage dealers and Barbara as your support. 

Genshin Impact Tier List


If you don’t have access to any other, more desirable options, the C-Tier characters will do. They will still get you through some fights and assignments, but they will have a hard time in others. They’re fine, but if you can find anything better, you should. While Lisa and Traveller (Anemo) are both capable of dealing secondary damage, there are no Primary Damage Dealers in this tier. This level has Noelle and the Traveller (Geo) as Support.


In Genshin Impact, this is the starting level. In most cases, you may safely ignore the ones that don’t belong here while focusing on the ones that do. Better choices exist than what is presented here. Even though they are still useful, higher-tier heroes should be used whenever possible. Amber is the only Teyvat native in this bracket. She still has some utility, such as in world puzzles. However, her damage scaling is so poor that Xiangling is best used as a secondary damage dealer.

Developers Backrooms did say that the basic party could handle higher level dungeons. Form the strongest team possible, or choose your favourite among the 23 to summon. Genshin Impact is a fantastic PC open-world role-playing game. If you’re looking for more great PC games.

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