When it comes to video games, Genshin Impact is hailed as a revolutionary new direction. Genshin Impact may not have the most original premise, borrowing significantly from the aesthetics and gameplay of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but it has exploded into the market thanks to its fantastic delivery, which many players adore. Genshin Impact is risk-free to attempt because of its wide availability, high-caliber production, and art style that mostly appeals to anime fans. We’ve compiled the five most compelling arguments for playing Genshin Impact.

1. It is Completely Free to Play

The game can be started right away without any upfront costs. Zero. Nada. There is no monetary investment required to participate in the game. Genshin does not use any deceptive methods, like some other free-to-play games do, to get you to buy its microtransactions. This is due to the gacha system that is used in Genshin, which is reminiscent to that used in games like Honkai Impact 3, Fate Grand Order, Azur Lane, and Arknights.

Games that use gacha systems are required by legislation (in China, Japan, and Korea) to maintain fair pricing and avoid using Pay-To-Win strategies. Gamers continue to have strong opinions on this matter. However, if you’re one of the most seasoned gacha gamers out there, you already know that you can beat the game without spending a dollar. However, only dummies would call Genshin Impact a pay-to-win game. They have no idea how to properly employ the available heroes and arsenal.

Spending time in-game is only worthwhile if you absolutely need to win the gacha banner for a specific character or buy a specific skin.

Genshin Impact Gameplay

2. Highly Accessible

The convenience of Genshin Impact is one of its most luxurious features. It’s available for free on numerous platforms like PC, PS4, Switch, and mobile. If you have a miHoYo account, your gaming data will be transferable between devices. Given that most gacha RPGs are only available as browser games on PCs or as mobile apps, this cross-play functionality represents a major advancement in the genre.

It’s not a novel idea to make games playable on several platforms (see also: Fortnite, Warframe), but doing so simplifies things for players. The handheld version of Genshin Impact also now accepts input from wireless controllers.

3. High-Budget Production

You’d be fooled into thinking that EA Games, Activision, Capcom, or Bandai-Namco created and released Genshin Impact. However, the opposite is true. The game was developed by miHoYo, a tiny Chinese video game studio that is best known for creating the smash popular gacha action role-playing game Honkai Impact 3, among other fan favourites including Guns Girl Z and Drift Boss.

(Trivia: Genshin Impact is the only game from miHoYo that does not feature their poster girl, Kiana Kaslana)

The richly realistic cel-shaded visuals work wonderfully with the anime setting. Teyvat is beautiful no matter where you explore it; be it the mountains, the seaside, or the icy plains. In addition, the lighting and shadows are superb, further contributing to the impression that Teyvat is a dynamic, living place. In every part of the game, the visuals are stunning. Thus, it is possibly the best-looking anime role-playing game ever created.

The game’s soundtrack and voice acting are also noteworthy. Genshin Impact features the Beijing orchestra in what may be the most moving musical score ever created for a video game. In terms of voice acting, it boasts the likes of Rie Tanaka, Saori Hayami, and Aoi Koga, three of the most well-known names in Japanese animation seiyuu. Fans of anime like Konosuba, Code Geass, and Kaguya-sama: Love is War tend to get giddy when they learn that the same voice actors are behind all of the characters.

Genshin Impact Zhongli

4. Waifus & Husbandos Galore

Genshin’s characters feel more alive than those of other games, despite the fact that png files of attractive characters are the norm in gacha games. Created in glorious 3D with hundreds of vocal lines, now is the time to get intimate with your favourite waifu or husbando. Because of this, the “imagine whaling for a game just to see the png of your character” joke has no place in Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact caters to everyone’s tastes. Be wary of falling prey to its gacha banners, though.

5. Free-Roaming at Its Finest

If you’re sick of the lacklustre gameplay in most gacha games, your search can end here. Genshin Impact has the vibe of an RPG-first, gacha-second game a lot of the time. You are free to explore the world at any moment without worrying about running out of energy (apart from Resins). When you first start the game, you won’t even see a primary menu. It transports you to an enchanting new realm.

You can also invite up to three other people to join you in a co-op session. Useful whether you’re securing a supply farm or taking down a boss.

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