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Jan 8, 2023

Windows 11 is the most recent rendition of the well known working framework from Microsoft.. It was officially released on June 24, 2021, and has since been met with positive reviews from users and tech critics alike. In this article, we will explore some of the new and updated features of Windows 11 that make it a must-have for any computer user.


One of the most noticeable changes in Windows 11 is the redesigned Start menu. It now includes live tiles, which allow you to see updates and information from your Updated Features of window 11 without having to open them. The Start menu also includes a new search bar, which makes it easier to find the apps and files you need.

Another new feature in Windows 11 is the virtual desktops feature. This allows you to create multiple desktops for different tasks, such as work and play. You can easily switch between desktops by using the Task View button, which is located on the taskbar.

Windows 11 likewise incorporates another internet browser called Microsoft Edge.It now includes a new feature called the Taskbar Clock, which shows the date and time in different formats. You can also customise the look of the Taskbar by changing the colour and transparency.

Windows 11 has refreshed the Taskbar. It is based on the Chromium engine, which makes it faster and more reliable than the previous version of Edge. The new Microsoft Edge also includes a new reading mode, which makes it easier to read long articles by removing distractions such as ads and sidebars.

Another new feature in Windows 11 is the ability to use multiple monitors. You can now use up to four monitors, allowing you to work on multiple tasks at once or have multiple windows open side by side.

One of the most exciting new features in Windows 11 is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI).

The operating system uses AI in Windows 11 to improve its performance and make it easier to use.

For example, the AI can automatically optimise your system for gaming or video editing, depending on what you are doing.

Addition new features

In addition to these new features, Updated Features of window 11 also includes many other updates and improvements. The operating system is faster and more stable than previous versions, and it includes new security features to protect against malware and other threats.


In conclusion, Windows 11 is a major update to the popular operating system from framework from Microsoft . It includes a range of new and improved features, including a redesigned Start menu with live tiles, the ability to use virtual desktops, an updated Taskbar with a new clock feature, a new and improved Microsoft Edge browser, support for multiple monitors, and integration of artificial intelligence. These updates make Windows 11 faster, more stable, and easier to use, and make it a must-have for any computer user. Whether you are a casual user or a power user, you are sure to find something to love about Windows 11.

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