How to Do Arlo Base Station Setup?

Are you trying to set up an Arlo camera in your home? We must admit you have made the best selection. Arlo security cameras are one among the best cameras available today. With the assistance of the Arlo security camera system, you can keep an eye on your loved ones and your home from anywhere. To set the Arlo camera up in your home, you first need to do Arlo Base Station setup. Although this is optional for many Arlo cameras, you can get it installed for an added advantage and an easy setup. In this guide, we are going to help you with setting up the Arlo Base Station or the Arlo SmartHub so that you can proceed further with setting up your Arlo camera and then be worry-free for your home security.

Arlo Base Station Setup Steps

Step 1: Download Arlo App

If you haven’t yet downloaded the Arlo app on your smart phone, then do it now. So, unlock your smartphone and head toward the App Store or the Play Store on it. The Application Store varies as per the OS of your phone. In the Application Store, type the Arlo secure app. The moment the search results appear, tap on the correct option to download the app.

Note: Be sure that you have the latest version of the Arlo secure app installed on your phone.

Step 2: Create Arlo Account

As soon as the Arlo app gets downloaded and installed, you need to launch it by tapping on its icon. It is now time you create an Arlo account. Input the correct email address and the asked information, create your account. If you already have one, then use it to log in to the Arlo app.

Step 3: Power Up Arlo Base Station

The next step involves turning the Arlo Base Station on. Thus unbox it if you haven’t done it till now. Connect its power adapter next. Plug the power adapter into an active wall outlet and turn it on. Check the light on it. It should be stable. If it is not, then unplug the adapter and replug it by confirming that the power outlet is not damaged.

Step 4: Connect the Devices

To move ahead, you need to connect the Arlo Base Station to the home network. FYI, this is a mandatory step. Both Arlo devices need to be connected to the internet. Only then you can view live and recorded feeds on your smart devices. Hence, grab an Ethernet cable and insert one of its ends into the Ethernet port of the Arlo Base Station and the other end into the respective port on the host router. Make certain that you are forming a finger-tight connection between the two devices.

Turn on the host router also. Ensure to have a stable internet connection to smoothly execute the process.

Step 5: Do Arlo Base Station Setup

Go back to the Arlo app now. Tap on Add New Device. After that, tap on Base Station or Smart Hub. You will then see a few prompts appearing on the phone screen which you need to religiously follow without skipping any till you are done with setting up the Arlo Base Station or Arlo SmartHub.

To Briefly Conclude

Here comes an end to our informative Arlo setup guide. We are petty hopeful that you have successfully accomplished the Arlo Base Station setup task. After this, you can go ahead and do the Arlo camera setup. Be sure to use the correct instructions to set up your Arlo security camera. Once the setup is done, by logging into the same Arlo account, you can view live or recorded feeds. For your information, you can also access the Arlo account on your computer or laptop by using the web address in any web browser.

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