How to Keep Children Safe While They Play Minecraft


May 23, 2023 ,

Monitoring your child’s gaming habits and ensuring that the security settings are enabled on all of the devices they use to play Minecraft from Microsoft are the best ways to keep children safe. Monitoring the kinds of Minecraft skins that your youngster downloads or interacts with while playing the game is also very important.

For instance the avatar wearing the Wither Minecraft skin is very different from the character wearing the Dream Minecraft skin. Wither is a vicious mafia leader that leads a hostile mob to destroy other players and their possessions. He wears a skeleton skull on his head.

The Dream minecraft avatar, in comparison, is a ghostly green with a paper happy face head and features quick, proactive motions. He has a large following and is a cult hero who fosters community.

Creating A Safe Minecraft Character

Minecraft is a “sandbox” game, which means that the world your child builds on the screen is up to them. This includes the figure they make with the skins in the game.

Characters that scare others, like Ponytail Redneck, Freddy Bully, and Black Ice Bear, are more likely to start or attract fights and destruction. On the other hand, characters like Bonnie the Bunny, Poppee the Buzzy Bee, and Workee Bee tend to bring people together and help them work together.

The safety of your child’s Minecraft world depends on how you make the entities act. Microsoft has an online guide called “Introduction to Behavior Packs” that shows you and your child how to make a character that is designed to avoid doing things that are risky or annoying.

Setting Permissions for Players

An effective strategy to protect children playing Minecraft is to set permissions that control what actions players can take while interacting with your child, such as limiting access through doors, or other access routes. You can also enable and disable chat features in a way that limits what players can interact with your child’s skin.

Observing your child’s Minecraft playmates is a good idea, because a whitelist of approved servers can be created. This ensures that child only plays with family-friendly Minecraft players. This is easily accomplished using Minecraft’s game settings.

Multiplayer Game Safety

Your child is most at risk when playing games with multiple players, where anyone can hide behind a face and play. Talk to your kids and tell them it’s okay to leave a virtual place that makes them feel uncomfortable, scared, or threatening.

Parents can also stop a player so that their child doesn’t hear what a certain character is saying. Minecraft can be told about players who act in a bad way or are rude.

Behaviors that can be reported on Minecraft include:

  • Threats of self-harm or suicide
  • Talk of indecent behavior or child abuse
  • Harassment and bullying
  • Defamation and slander
  • Promoting acts of terrorism or extremism
  • The offer of intimate imagery
  • The offer of drugs or alcohol
  • Run 3

It is a good idea to talk with your child so that they recognize inappropriate behavior when they encounter it.

Always Monitor Skin Minecraft Downloads

To keep kids safe while they play Minecraft, you need to keep an eye on the worlds and figures they create. Children can get a whole box of skin downloads and then choose the figure they want to be from that group.

The kind of co-players they end up attracting and the lessons they might learn from playing the game can all depend on the character they create.

Since Minecraft clothes hide a player’s real name, it’s important to keep an eye on the skins your kids wear and who they play online with. This is easy to do with the Minecraft game settings, but make sure you do it on all of the devices your kids use to play it.

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