How to Pull Off the Trend for Layered Necklaces

The stacked necklace style is unquestionably “in” right now! Such an easily stylish style is created by a variety of well chosen strands. It seems easy, but finding the proper mix is a delicate art, so we understand if you’re having trouble getting started. Lack of variety might feel cluttered while an excess of layers can feel cramped. It’s possible that you don’t know what kind of necklace to buy or that you already have some lovely pieces in your collection but aren’t sure how to wear them. What you need to know to get started if you want to create the layered necklace look.

Here’s the long and short of it

The most important factor in layering is length. Generally speaking, you need a visible spacing between strands of around an inch or two. It could take some trial and error to find the right combination of lengths; for example, try wearing a princess-length necklace with a matinee-length necklace or a choker with a princess-length piece. Try with a few different arrangements until you get the mood you want. You could want them staggered widely for a dramatic impact, or you might like them piled closer together. Just make sure they aren’t all exactly the same length, otherwise you’ll have a jumbled mess.Youmay always get your necklaces cut or lengthened if you have a few that you think would go well together but aren’t quite the perfect length.

Select the Proper Amount of Strands

You are not required to stop at two necklaces; you are free to add another three, four, or even more. Although there is no set rule in this regard, try to avoid going overboard. Two pieces may be beautiful and match with most clothes, while three to four can make your necklaces the focal point of your ensemble. Another situation where experimenting with multiple pairings to see which suits your style the best is this one. When in doubt, take Coco Chanel’s suggestion and take one item off before leaving the house after taking a glance in the mirror. 

Avoid Getting Tangled Up

Avoiding allowing your necklaces become tangled when you’re wearing them (or not) is one of the toughest aspects of this trend. The use of chains of various lengths will undoubtedly aid in tangling prevention, but if you’re still concerned about a knot or two, there are other choices available. Here’s a tip you might find useful: Clip the clasp from one artificial necklace sets onto the end of the second necklace that is opposite it, then do the same with the other clasp. For a tutorial, view the video below:

Work to a focal point’s side

Start with a focal point and build around it to achieve a layered design that isn’t overly heavy or congested. Starting with a medallion or charm and adding a shorter, thinner chain made of the same metal is a basic method to sport this look. To avoid going crazy by attempting to wear everything you possess at once, start with one statement item and match lesser or longer chains to compliment the primary emphasised design.

Include engaging textures

Add some texture to your set of stacked necklaces to make it more intriguing. Try out various chain lengths or designs, and then add some diversity with beads, pendants with engravings, shells, or small mirrors. Change up your metals or use gemstones to add some shine. Adding a splash of colour or a novel texture to stacked necklaces gives the outfit more character and makes it uniquely yours.

The Layered Look in One Easy Step

Allowing someone else to handle the labor-intensive tasks may be the simplest method to develop this style. Lover of the trend designers (like Kendra Scott) create layered necklaces with many strands that are connected by a single clasp. It seems like a layered necklace optical illusion but is actually only one necklace with multiple strands. Additionally, this will assist keep you from becoming twisted up. You won’t have to worry about styling each individual component yourself because everything is blended into one necklace; simply wear it and feel certain that you’re rocking the trend.

You now possess all the necessary tools to successfully pull off the layered necklace style. There are countless ways to wear this look; have fun experimenting with various fabrics, lengths, and combinations. Get in touch with our team of professionals at Swarajshop to get all of your necklaces cut to the ideal length.

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