Plated Jewellery a Good Investment?

Plated jewellery is currently the most widely accessible type of jewellery, and for good reason. You may wear patterns that resemble genuine gold with this kind of jewellery without spending even a small portion of what real excellent jewellery would cost. But is purchasing plated jewellery worthwhile? Learn more by reading on.

What is jewellery with plates?

Jewellery that has a layer of gold, silver, rhodium, or any form of precious metal over the base metal is referred to as “plated jewellery” in general. This translates to the item not being “solid” gold; rather, it is more like a paint job over something else.

Because plating has a lower production cost than other materials, designers frequently use it to produce jewellery that can be sold for a lesser price. As a result, there are now much more pieces of plated jewellery available.

Advantages of plate jewellery

In addition to being very affordable, plated jewellery has a larger selection of styles because of its cheap manufacturing cost. There are more possibilities for you to choose from since designers are more willing to explore and manufacture jewellery employing plating. Additionally, for certain persons with jewellery allergies, the plating of fine metals over base metals like brass, copper, or other industrial alloys can make plated jewellery hypoallergenic since there is a barrier between the skin and the real base metal that is irritating it.

Issues with Plated Jewellery

Plated jewellery repairs may cause more trouble than they are worth. The cost of the gold plating procedure may be far more than the price you paid for the item. The plating will also be lost if you size or work on plated jewellery with metal. This implies that in order to give the item its former appearance again, you not only have to pay for the repair but also the expense of the plating that is applied thereafter.

Additionally, certain gold-plated metals aren’t even suitable for metalworking. Cheap costume jewellery made of zinc, lead, or pewter is very challenging for a regular jeweller to solder, and the task is sometimes impossible.

Must You Purchase Plated Jewellery?

Here is our opinion on whether or not plated jewellery is worthwhile after assessing the advantages and disadvantages. If you’re cautious about keeping the plating and it’s a nice thick plating over a reliable metal, like sterling silver, it’s worth buying if you truly enjoy the design. You only need to keep in mind that plated jewellery needs upkeep and care because of its design, like any delicate jewellery does.

We advise purchasing necklaces and earrings instead of jewellery like rings and bracelets. Due to regular contact with all the items you touch, jewellery worn on your hand will deteriorate considerably more quickly than earrings and necklaces.

You are now informed about the value of purchasing plated jewellery. We will assist you if you leave a remark below with a problem that needs fixing.

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