Sun Haven: 10 Best Crops To Plant First In The Game


May 23, 2023 ,

Every growth must have a beginni in Sun Haven.

With its magical RPG features and story, Sun Haven stands out from the many other farming simulators. Both types of games can start out painfully slow and then build up to a huge number of mechanics that are all connected to each other. You’ll have to start from the bottom, just like in a standard RPG story, before you get to that cornucopia of riches.

There are many ways to make money in the game, but planting and gathering crops is a tried-and-true way to do so. So get your tools and gold ready, because you’re about to start a great economy in Sun Haven by planting the best crops first.

Bargain Bin

You start out in Sun Haven with a bunch of old tools, a few seedlings, bonus items from the trade you chose, and a small amount of gold. You don’t need to be an archmage to figure out that going to a quiet city with only 500 gold isn’t the best idea. Seeds are one of the things on sale every day at the general store, which is a good thing.

The best crop to plant first should be whatever seedlings you have on hand on your first day of business. Then, choose the crop that grows the fastest so you can use the money you make to grow more crops.

Snaccoon Requests

Snacoons are big, fat raccoons that get in the way because they sleep so much. Like the famous Snorlax, their favourite snacks can wake them up from their annoying naps. After you find all the Snaccoons on the map, write down what crops they need to complete their hidden goal.

It’s worth the trouble because they often stand in the way of shortcuts, treasure chests, or new places. Check back every season, because new ones will show up with new prizes.


The most expensive crop in Sun Haven’s general shop is the Shimmeroot, which sells for 400 gold per seed. It’s not surprising that a root crop covered in gold flakes is expensive, and the 525 gold price tag reflects this. Shimmeroot is a great crop to grow if you’re more interested in other things but still want to make money from farming.

The golden crop needs 14 days to grow before it can be picked. Even though it makes money on its own, making it into a Shimmeroot Treat with one Cinnaberry makes it almost twice as successful.

Bullet Board Favorites

It’s a good idea to look at the town’s bulletin board every day. This is a cool place where you can help people out for rewards and community coins. The locals ask for a strange mix of things, like furniture, swords, and random beach trash. You have two days to find or make all of these things.

People in Sun Haven often ask for seasonal crops, which you won’t be able to give them if you don’t have a varied store. Start growing tomatoes, peas, onions, and peppers in the spring to make sure you never miss out on easy gold and experience.


Peas might seem like an odd choice for the first crop to grow in Sun Haven. The seeds start at a high base price of 300 gold, but after keeping it for twelve days, they only sell for 75 gold per yield. But when the peas are fully grown, a new pod will be ready to pick every two days. After four harvests, you’ll get your money back. After that, it’s all profit.

The trick is to use fire fertiliser to speed up the crop’s growth, which will let you get one or two more harvests out of the season. But if you can’t plant it early in the season, you should try to grow something else.


Sun Haven gets rid of the annoying energy system and replaces it with mana. You can do anything as much as you want, but you need mana to cast magic, make infusions, and do some crafts. To use the game’s many spells, like calling a rain cloud to water your plants or sending out a wave of energy to break nearby rocks and ores, you’ll need a steady way to make mana.

The price of blueberry seeds is scary at 2500 gold, but after ten days, you’ll have a steady source of mana. Make sure to put the berries through a juicer to get the most health benefits from them.


The reliable potato. The starchy root veggie has been essential to human survival, and even in fantasy worlds, it’s hard to imagine life without it. Potatoes should be one of the first crops you plant in Sun Haven. They have a low starting price, a good sell price, and, most importantly, they can make you more money by giving you more crops.

Potatoes also grow quickly, in just five days, so you’ll be able to pick those sweet fruits in less than a week. Potatoes can also help people who want to become cooks because they are the main ingredient in two easy and profitable recipes.


Farming games aren’t just about how busy life is on a farm—they’re also about making friends and falling in love. There are a lot of quirky, romantic characters in Sun Haven, from shy emo boys to actual cat girls. One of them is sure to catch your eye. When it comes to gifts, each character has likes and dislikes that can get you more hearts than what you found on the way to town.

Most of the people you can date love to get Red or Blue Rose Bouquets, which you can make at the Farmer’s Table. Even if you don’t have a special someone, flowers are still good for making honey spread.


Wheat isn’t the most valuable crop in Sun Haven, but most of your farm’s needs can’t be met without it. First of all, if you plan to buy Animal Food at the store, the high price can hurt your overall profit. Instead, you can make Animal Food by putting Wheat through different Stations. This is much cheaper and gets you more skill points in Farming at the same time.

Wheat is also important for bakers because it can be turned into flour or noodles, which can then be used as a base for more complicated meals. At the Farmer’s Table, wheat is also an important part of making scarecrows and totems.


Start saving Pepper seeds if you’re ready to bring your simple farm back to life and start making money like a real magical investor. Pepper seeds cost 175 gold per pop, which is more than most other crops. But the average profit of 65 gold every six days is very good, making it the best crop in Sun Haven for a new character.

Peppers also give many foods in Penalty Kick Online game a kick. For example, eating Red Veggie Soup or Caribbean Green Soup gives you a big boost to your attack, and eating a Spring Roll makes your spells stronger. You can use your gains more wisely by mixing them with noodles to make Spicy Noodles or Spicy Ramen.

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