The Classic Elegance of Traditional artificial jewellery


May 23, 2023

Beautiful traditional Bihar jewellery is now available in artificial jewellery a must-have for the wedding. Get unique traditional jewellery designs in our Swarajshop collection of imitation jewellery set.

The Beauty of Traditional artificial jewellery of Bihar

  • Choker ethnic necklace :

The gold-plated choker, which is a must-have for the Bihari bride’s artificial jewellery collection and looks stunning when worn with longer necklaces, is made of gold and has an intricate lacy design. A choker adorned with diamonds and other priceless stones is another notable piece of traditional Bihari artificial necklace for Bihari women.

  • Chandrahar:

One of the longer necklaces in the Bihari bride’s collection, this layered ethnic necklace set is made of gold pearls and features two lockets on either side that are decorated with flowery patterns.

  • Tikli:

The tikli is a head ornament worn by the bride on the center part of her hair, much like the incredibly well-known maang tikka.

  • Panchlari:

The panchlari necklace is generally composed of five layers and is made of pearls, colorful stones, and tiny lockets on each layer.

  • Satlari:

The satlari is lined up with seven necklaces that have lockets decorated with pearls and priceless stones, similar to the well-known saat lada haar in the north and south.

  • Sita Haar:

The Sita Haar is a statement-making long ethnic jewellery set made of gold that hangs down to the bride’s waist and is typically used in combination with other shorter necklaces.

  • Dholna:

The dholna, adorned with an elaborate gold locket in the shape of a drum, is worn by Bihari women not just on wedding days but also on special occasions like festivals.

  • Mauri:

The mauri, the headpiece worn by the newlyweds during the wedding ceremony and made of mango or date leaves, is now also made of beautiful paper and mirrors.

  • Bangles

 These handpieces are another essential part of the bridal outfit in Bihar. It is believed to add grace to the hands of the bride. Brides in Bihar are seen wearing either gold bangles or glass bangles, also known as chooda.

Bihar Brides outfits for wedding in 2023

The Madhubani sari, a red sari with golden embroidery work, is the customary bridal outfit for Bihar brides. The sari is worn in a distinctive way that entails pulling it forward to cover the face and draping it over the head from the rear.

In addition to the Madhubani sari, brides also select Lehenga Choli and Salwar Kameez as their traditional attire. A traditional costume called the Lehenga Choli consists of a long skirt (the lehenga), a blouse (the choli), and a dupatta (scarf). Typically, sequins and gold embroidery are used to adorn the lehenga, and the dupatta features elaborate zari work. Since the Salwar Kameez combines a long tunic (Kameez), trousers (Salwar), and a scarf (Dupatta), it is a more comfortable and practical ensemble.

In Bihar, artificial jewellery set is an important aspect of bridal wear. The brides accessorize their bridal looks with heavy gold jewelry, such as bangles, necklaces, earrings, and nose rings. They also add flowers or gold hairpins to their hairstyles. In Bihar, bridal makeup is kept to a minimum in order to emphasize the bride’s inherent beauty. 

How to Care for Traditional artificial jewellery: Guide for Brides?

  • Cleaning: Wiping artificial jewellery down with a soft cloth is the simplest method of cleaning it. To clean the crevices of filth and grime, you can also use a toothbrush with soft bristles. Bleach and ammonia are two strong cleaning products that should be avoided because they can harm the jewelry’s finishing.
  • Use a Jewel Box: To protect artificial jewels from moisture or dust, always store them in a jewellery box. To organize the items separately and prevent tangles, use a jewelry box with several sections.
  • Change them frequently: Artificial jewellery typically loses its shine with time, especially if it is wet or sweaty. To prevent fading and tarnishing, you should occasionally change your jewelry, especially in warm, muggy weather.

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