The Role of Salesforce CRM Solution in Marketing 


May 23, 2023

Covid-19 has greatly increased people’s time spent on social media and digital platforms. For the marketing team, it was a huge opportunity to keep customers engaged with their brand and stay connected with the customers. 

Currently, post covid people spend 40% of their waking life online using digital platforms and social media. Hence with such a spark in the use of digital platforms, the opportunities for the marketing team stall.  

However, engaging customers in real-time requires faster, more accurate tools to decide what to say, at what time, and how. Posts and messaging that reflect an in-depth understanding of your customer context and provide appropriate communication in need of the hour.  

AI-powered solutions like Salesforce CRM solutions with predictive analysis aid the marketing team in making the right decision in real-time. Cloud-based CRM solutions from Salesforce make aid organizations run contextual and personalized marketing campaigns that result in better engagement rates and enhance customer experience.   

Moreover, by partnering with Salesforce CRM migration consulting services providers, an organization can lead the marketing team with more relevant data, processed information, and target-based numbers that make marketing campaigns run smoothly, securely, and seamlessly.  

Here’s how AI-based Salesforce CRM solutions are transforming the marketing field of various organizations:  

Intelligent segmentation for better audiences discovery:  

Modern digital marketing is not the same as that was before covid-19. The modern persona of digital marketing has significantly changed, and AI solutions can help segment a modern persona smartly. Salesforce AI capabilities and cloud computing abilities crunch hundreds of data from past and ongoing marketing campaigns and provide bifurcate the data to the right marketing team to prepare and offer personalized marketing experiences for customers.   

For example, a tourism business has audiences that prefer road trips and few audiences that prefer other states of transportation. Hence, with its AI capabilities, the Salesforce CRM solution processes the heap of data from past, recent, and current customers’ journeys. It also delivers segmented data of road trips and other states’ audiences that help the marketing team prepare personalized packages for different audiences and elevate business growth seamlessly.   

Accurate Prediction that Enhances Business Decision: 

Before the age of AI, marketing decision-making was done based on experience and gut feelings. However, with AI prediction capabilities, the guesswork is out of the process from the marketing process. With their built-in AI capabilities, Salesforce CRM solutions make accurate, data-driven predictions. These predictions aid the marketing team in personalizing the customer journey, successfully taking the lead into the tunnel, and finally converting the lead into long-time customers.  

Salesforce CRM solution with AI abilities can automate marketing campaigns and generate personalized marketing emails. Such emails are shot to target audiences who were interested in the past about the product and services. With that email campaign, organizations can record the number of target audiences interested in a product through the number of clicks. They can make further marketing roadmaps based on current marketing operations and the number of audiences interested.   

Personalized marketing campaigns for better engagement: 

Salesforce CRM solution’s AI algorithm is smart enough to provide resonate search or landing page facilities to the website visitor based on recent engagements with the brand, age, and purchasing behaviors. The algorithm offers the right number of offers, discounts, and bids to the right audience using customers’ purchasing patterns and behavior on products and services. The same pattern of personalized advertising goes with promotional campaigns.   

Moreover, the Salesforce CRM solution helps marketing with predictive recommendations on products and services that enhance better engagement. For example, by knowing the favorite dish and favorite restaurant of customers, a food delivery app recommends the relevant dish from the relevant restaurant to the user by providing amazing discounts. Such recommendations attract audiences towards change and try something new by leveraging discounts. Hence with AI capabilities marketing team can easily work on what’s important, and the rest leave it to the capabilities of AI.   

“Predicting the future isn’t magic; it’s Artificial Intelligence.” – Dave Waters. 

The role of AI technologies is enhancing every day, and the integration of AI in business solutions has transformed businesses remarkably. Businesses have witnessed the change they dreamt of and elevated their business growth through AI. Similarly, in the field of marketing – AI with integration within CRM solutions have made tedious and repetitive task streamlined and automated.  

Moreover, with cloud computing capabilities, the power of AI has expanded remarkably. Businesses are becoming sovereign using cloud migration services that process your data and provide actionable insights for better development and growth of the organization.   

Wrapping Up –  

To make your marketing campaign successful, the organization should leverage the benefits of Salesforce CRM solutions. The cloud-based CRM solution, with the help of the Salesforce CRM migration service provider, aids your business in managing and seamlessly migrating data to the cloud.  

Moreover, organizations should stay relaxed while migrating data to the cloud by deciding on salesforce support services. Want to elevate your marketing operation and process? Get in touch with an experienced Salesforce CRM consulting company today.  

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