Understanding the CASper Test Length: What You Need to Know

Casper Test

The CASPer test has traditionally been a 120-minute examination composed of 15 distinct scenarios. However, recent modifications have led to a decrease in its duration. This piece will explore the current length of the CASPer test and how the revisions to its structure have influenced its overall timing.

Casper Test duration

Historically, the CASPer test ran for a total of 120 minutes. It integrated a blend of scenarios requiring written and video responses, with the written response situations presented first, followed by video response situations.

Each scenario, be it written or video-based, was coupled with three questions, resulting in an aggregate time of around 100-120 minutes (including two optional breaks). Each scenario took about 5 minutes, with the breaks set at 10 and 5 minutes respectively.

The revised CASPer test maintains a format quite akin to its previous version. A detailed outline of the new CASPer test’s structure can be found elsewhere on our website, but in summary, the updated version now comprises only 14 scenarios instead of the previous 15.

The video response scenarios now include only two questions each, a reduction from the previous three. Each video response question allows a response time of one minute, preceded by an initial ten-second reading period.

The test now consists of eight scenarios for the typed response segment and six for the video responses. In contrast to the previous structure, the video response portion now precedes the written response segment.

Factoring in the two breaks – one of 10 minutes between the video and written segments, and another of 5 minutes – the total test duration could be approximately 110 minutes. Without breaks, this could shrink to roughly 90 minutes.

Applicants are advised to log into their AcuityInsights.app account about half an hour before their scheduled test time and ensure that their computer, webcam, microphone, and internet connection are all functioning correctly for the test. Furthermore, all test-takers must complete the ‘Systems Requirements Check’, preferably within the six hours preceding the CASPer test, to mitigate any potential technical issues.

Exam time limit

Assuming that you take the breaks, the time limit for the entire test is now 100 minutes.

Test structure

The CASPer test is divided into two sections:

Video-based scenarios: In this section, you will be presented with video-based scenarios. Each scenario will last for about 1-2 minutes. After each video, you will be asked two open-ended questions. You will have one minute to record your response to each question.

Text-based scenarios: This section will present you with text-based scenarios. Each scenario will be about 100-200 words long. After each scenario, you will be asked three open-ended questions. You will have five minutes to type your responses to all three questions.

CASPer Test Tips

You must prepare using practice questions. One of the most effective methods to prepare for the Casper test is to use mock questions. This not only allows you to familiarise yourself with the potential scenarios and inquiries you might encounter but also offers the chance to hone your time management abilities.Numerous online platforms provide practice Casper test questions.

Blackstone Tutors delivers Casper test prep materials that encompass practice questions along with expert advice on how to tackle them effectively.
When working with practice questions, aim to mimic the actual test environment to the best of your ability. Allocate a five-minute timer and answer the questions devoid of any external interruptions. Then, evaluate your responses and pinpoint areas for potential enhancement.

Ensure that you formulate an effective approach for responding to the questions. Performing well on the Casper test requires a comprehensive strategy for responding to the questions. Here are some guidelines to assist you in crafting a strategy:

Prior to responding to the questions, ensure you read and understand the scenario in detail. Familiarise yourself with the circumstances and the individuals involved.
Once the scenario is clear, determine the main issues that demand attention. This will guide your responses to focus on the crucial aspects.

The Casper test aims to gauge your ethical judgement skills. Ensure your responses embody ethical actions and decision-making.

Show empathy and address underlying issues.

With only five minutes to respond to each set of questions, it’s vital to remain succinct. Highlight the crucial points and steer clear of unnecessary elaborations or deviations from the topic.

Always use examples to support your points wherever feasible. This can make your responses more impactful and memorable. Reflect on each scenario and employ the STAR method to express your answers effectively.

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